Device Support

We make it easy for you to do what matters

DAC provides the best support in the industry, resolving technical, device-specific issues with a smile!

Whether your needs are tied to precision guidance technology, sensors, base stations, modems, or something else, DAC is prepared to give unparalleled support to get you back to work in no time.

DAC sets the standard for support

We won’t make you wait around for help

DAC offers the fastest activations, getting your devices connected within 30 minutes. And for all other needs, we are relentless in our support!

DAC offers the best support

Our friendly support staff have been expertly trained by the manufacturers to know the devices inside and out, allowing us to quickly assist with setup, firmware updates, APN pointing, and more.

We work until the issue is resolved

You need to get to work, so we can’t leave you scratching your head. We always aim to resolve your issue on the first call, working with you until you are thrilled with the outcome.

Tell us your needs, we’ll help you choose the right plan

No other provider goes to the same lengths to consider your location, specific equipment, and unique goals when activating your account. While we know the manufacturer’s standards, we also understand the actual needs and nuances of your work. This allows us to recommend data plans that are your perfect fit. No more bloated data plans or unused lines – DAC has designed the right plans for you because we get you.


You guys are great! I love the way you support your service and then follow up to make sure everything is on track. You’re the best!

Our new device couldn’t connect to mobile broadband after 2 months of working with the OEM and service provider.  Called Chandy and she worked through the problem–coming up with a solution and in minutes we had 5G broadband!

Much better than the other carriers…Chandy understood what I needed and it was quick and easy!

The best part of my experience today was the kind help I received from Lauren. Much better than the other carriers. You rock!

Your customer service ROCKS! You are much better than the other cellular carriers. Thank you Brittany and Chandy!

Still need some help? No worries! Contact us anytime and we’ll be ready to work through the issue with you.