Introducing DAC IQ

One platform to manage ALL of your data plans and devices

Imagine managing your entire IoT ecosystem, regardless of carrier or platform from a Single Pane of Glass, one dashboard.  DAC IQ unifies your cellular subscriptions alongside your DAC subscriptions across all carriers.

How does our DAC IQ platform help you analyze your connections, better and faster?

DAC IQ is built to provide the visibility necessary to automate critical connectivity processes, avoid unnecessary overages, and save your telecom team hundreds of hours each year managing all devices from all carriers, under one platform.

Helpful Insights

  • Historical Data & Trends
  • Troubleshooting
  • Rogue Device Behavior
  • Fraud Detection (get notified when a SIM is moved to an unauthorized device)


  • Custom API Integrations
  • Custom Carrier Integration
  • Parent-Child Account Relationships

Easy To Use

  • On-Demand Reporting and Action Analytics
  • Real-Time Lookups
  • Bulk Actions

DAC IQ Features

Data Consumption Monitoring

  • Watch data consumption trends
  • Receive notifications for unusual usage patterns
  • Track sudden foreign roaming

SIM Utilization Monitoring

  • Visualize active and inactive SIM card usage
  • Capture real-time SIM usage
  • Detect fraud such as SIM card movements

Administrative Control

  • Access and generate comprehensive reports
  • Assign defined roles to administrative users
  • Receive alerts for unregulated device usage

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Why not us?  We’ve been trusted by manufacturers of precision technology solutions since 2010.  You’ll find us listed as preferred partners in user guides, our SIMs bundled with hardware at the factory, or perhaps you overheard a neighbor singing our praises.  Originally founded to serve the underserved Agriculture Communities, the Construction and Surveying communities quickly folded us into their families.

Our first 13 years in business, we were 100% referral-driven.  That’s right, no boots on the ground until recently, just good old-fashioned word of mouth. In fact, nearly $15 million in referrals.  Our reputation for providing over-the-top customer experiences is our strength.  Many of the team members at DAC are experienced wireless carrier representatives who grew tired of the restraints and time limits imposed on them by the carriers.  Their passion is providing exceptional service with the empowerment to do what’s right for our customers the first time.  At DAC, you are the heart of every decision we make. Every process, every improvement, every new feature is measured against your wants and needs.  Think of us as your virtual connectivity partners, adding additional support to your telecom or fulfillment teams.

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