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Dive Into IoT Connectivity

Our Services

Providing customized technical support and order management for M2M and IoT cellular connections

Enabling Your Hardware

DAC Connectivity


Congratulations! You purchased the "intelligent box". Now, how do you connect it to a cellular network? We work with the experts, the manufacturers and equipment dealers, offering you a quick and hassle-free activation experience. Thats a promise!

Why pay for data plans designed for voice equipment? Our subscriptions are tailored to meet your manufacturer's recommendations. We specialize in machine-to-machine connectivity with no hassles, no contract, no minimum commitments, no problems.

Account Visibility

DAC Support

Award winning billing platform meeting FCC and tax compliance. This offers customer and dealer access for self serve account management. Use this to check connection history, order entry, support tickets, pay invoices and change plans. If you need any help, our friendly support representatives can give you a hand.

Cellular tech support has never been easier. Our team understands your problems and can offer solutions quickly. Providing Tier I and II in house, DAC has the ability to help you at any point in the process. Customers, manufacturers, and equipment dealers rave about our support and team members!

Rate Plan Tiers

Our team members will help you choose the best tier for your needs.

Each DAC tier allows for data to be shared between multiple devices.

DAC Ultralite


Perfect for low bandwidth, large device count applications.


DAC Lite


Ideal for devices that don't require large data connections.

200 KB

DAC Connect


Great connectivity for a variety of devices with mid-bandwidth.

25 MB to 150 MB


Our flagship tier that is designed for multiple high bandwidth devices.


250 MB to 6 GB

Exceptional Service

Looking for a network that can provide strong signal at any location around the country? DAC relationships allow you to access to best connectivity to ensure that your devices run smooth.

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Hotline Consultant

Superior Support

Our specialty is our in-house and direct customer and technical support. Our team members are great problem solvers with years of experience working inside multiple wireless carriers in many departments. Think of us an interpreter. We can help to translate the confusing carrier language into something you can easily understand.

Abstract Background

Connectivity for Any Size Organization

Why choose a company with one size fits all rate plans. We understand that each client has different needs, scale, and data usage. If you have a large organization and need connectivity for many devices, give us a call and let us put together a package designed specifically for you!

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